7th Yokogawa-Art-Charity-Festival

APRIL 22/23, 2017


At the 2017 art-festival more than 40 artists from 10 countries took part, donating  about 120 artworks for the good cause of helping the victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Northwest-Japan. We could sell a large amount of the donated artworks and together with the proceeds of the Opening Party/Concert and after-event sales we could collect

223425 Yen !!

223425 Yen were donated on June 22nd, 2017 to

Okinawa Kumi No Sato

Recuperation Center for Fukushima Children

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 We also appeared in the 2017 July issue of th national magazine SOTOKOTO ソトコト:




We´d like to thank everybody whose donations and support made this event possible: The artists, the buyers and donators, SEED Art-Laboratory Hiroshima, Fujiya Company Hiroshima、Blueberry English school and all volunteer helpers before and during the event !!!

7th Yokogawa-Art-Charity-Festival

Sat / Sun, APRIL 22/23, 2017



Sat, APRIL 22nd, 18:00 Start


Fundraising opening- party for the victims of the 2011 Tsunami catastrophe. All proceeds will be donated. Cover charge 1000Yen (=donation). German food, beer, wine, softdrinks !!!



Doors open 6 pm
Live Concert starts at 7 pm

19:00 LIVE-Performance

【mew-mew】  https://www.facebook.com/mewmew.acoustic/

Vo. Hibiki、Gt. Shinji

【Guest vocal】

Vo. Young Ok Kim



20:00 Presentation: Fumiko Miura

About The Japan Culture Book and Beyond

―Joke, ignore, or discuss? How to react to stereotypes


Web:   日本文化の本 The Japan Culture Book

20:30 Wayne B.


Vo./Gt.Wayne B .



Singer songwriter originally from Toronto, Canada, now residing in Hiroshima. He enjoys all genres of music and his original music reflects those influences, with music from rock to pop to reggae. You can find his music on YouTube, iTunes, soundcloud and bandcamp. Search for waynb to find his music.

Entry fee: 1000 Yen (=donation)

German beer and wine, food, softdrinks

100% of the party proceeds will be donated !!!

Hope to see you all there,


You will also of course have a chance to buy the exhibited artworks for the good cause.

Googlemap-Link to the venue:

The main event will be the following day, Sunday, April 23rd from 10:00 to 16:00, as part of the Yokogawa Fushigiichi-festivals.

 With friendly support of Fujiya company Hiroshima.


7th Yokogawa-Art-Charity-Festival

Sun, APRIL 23rd, 10:00 - 16:00


Fundraising exhibition and sales for the victims of the 2011 Tsunami catastrophe.

LIVE-Portraits, Photography, Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Accessories, postcards,…..

Charity – Art – Exhibition and sales from 10:00 to 16:00 as part of the Fushigi-ichi festival´s around Yokogawa station on Sunday, April 23rd.

The entry is free of charge (donations welcome!)

The donated artworks will be exhibited and sold and 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

Please come, see and buy/donate !! And please bring your friends and family along. The surrounding matsuri is also worth going, with the Cosplay-Parade, 5 Live stages, food and drinks.

GOOGLE-Link to the venue:

Website Fushigi-ichi festival:




The Event:

7th Yokogawa-International-Art-Charity-Festival 2017


In cooperation with SEED Art Laboratory Hiroshima

Purpose:          Fundraising for the victims in the affected areas  of the 3/11/2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in Japan.

Date:                           22./23. April 2016

Place:                          SEED Art Laboratory ,Yokogawa, Hiroshima, Japan

Time:                          April 22nd: OPENING PARTY with concert from 18:00

                                  April 23rd: Exhibition and Sales from 10:00 to 16:00

Entry fee:                   Opening Party with Live music: 1000 Yen

                                  April 23rd: FREE ENTRY (donations welcome)

Selling price of the works:     1000-10000 Yen

Deadline to confirm participation: April/01/2017

Deadline for submitting artworks: April/15/2017

If you have any questions, please contact Stephan at stephan@yokogawa-art.org


About your works:

Any kind of artwork, design or crafted items will be accepted.

Artworks adressing the topic/problem of Fukushima, radiation or nuclear power are


( In our experience smaller artworks, paintings, photos and handcrafted accessories are better to sell over here in Japan )



Artwork delivery is usually by post (please keep in mind the shipping times from your country to Japan) or FREE digital upload and FREE printout (up to size A3).

In case you don´t deliver personally to SEED, you must pay the delivery costs on your own expenses.

Digital works can be uploaded and printed up to A3 size for free

(Upload information will follow after receiving your application).

Smaller digital works, e.g. postcards, can also be multiplied and printed in 10 or 20 prints.

The artist decides the selling price. If there´s not such an information the organisers will do.

Submitted artworks cannot be sent back !!! (Although there´s a possibility to do so, if the shipping costs will be paid by the artist)


How to take part:

Until April 1st , 2017 by mail to stephan@yokogawa-art.org (English, German, Japanese) or Maehara Sensei from SEED (Japanese, English), maehara@seed-art.com

Please include basic information like: name, nationality, no. of works, material, selling price.

In case of digital works please state, if we can sell more than one copy and if, up to how many.

By taking taking part the artist agrees to donate his/her artwork for sale on the event or afterwards (sales price will be fully donated), and also gives the permission to use the artists name and pictures of the artwork on this website and social network websites like Facebook for promotion and information of the event.


Selling price of the works:     1000-10000 Yen

Deadline to confirm participation: April/01/2017

Deadline for submitting artworks: April/15/2017


Informations about past events you can find on this website.